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You are ready for something different.

It is exhausting to show up at your job every day, knowing that your season there is almost over.

The company you work for is cool, and the people are cool, too. But the work. The wooooork. The work you do is no longer aligned with your gifts and what you want for yourself.

What changed?

Something in you shifted. Sure, you are grateful for the job and the opportunities it has given you to this point.

But your focus is different. You are tired of playing small and knowing it. 

Because you know you are called to more.

More alignment with your skills and gifts.
More development and growth opportunities.
More fulfillment and connection to the work.
More income.
More connection to your purpose.

You have just about hit the ceiling on your current level.

If you are tired of playing small and living below where you know God has called you to be

It’s time to elevate.

elevate (a verb): raise or lift (you) up to a higher position.

Basically, we’re leveling up your career.

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The Elevate Your Career workshop series is an 8-week series that will help you

  1. Speak your career vision and make it plain, both short-term and long-term
  2. Tell your career story. You can’t know where you are going unless you know where you’ve been.
  3. Mine your career gold and own it. No more playing small about what makes you, you!
  4. Talk your talk to your network. Knowing how to talk about what you want is a big part of career progress.
  5. Remix your resume and LinkedIn profile. You have to put your best self forward, on paper and digitally.
  6. Build a community of women who get you and support your ambition


Here is everything you’ll get in Elevate Your Career:

6 workshops where I will teach you 6 levers you need to pull to make your career move.

group coaching sessions where you will be coached by me through the gap between your fear and your faith, and how to press forward and take faith-rooted action.

4 Q&A sessions so I can answer your questions live as we develop and work through your plan.

A private Slack community where you connect daily with me and other members of EYC.

Templates, worksheets, and personalized feedback on your strategy, resume, and plans.

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About Tiffany F. Southerland

I am a lawyer by training and change agent at heart. I help high-achieving women own their stories and strengths so they can lead whole, faith-filled lives and work in careers they love.

I started my career journey playing by 2 rules – (1) go to school and (2) get a good job. But when my personal struggles and unresolved trauma caught up with me, I realized I was pursuing career success for the sake of personal validation.

I had to get clear about what I wanted…and what God had for me. I wanted to be whole and show up in my career in a way that allowed me to use the gifts God gave me. I had to realize that not wanting to stay where I was unhappy didn’t make me afraid of hard work, ungrateful for the opportunity, or afraid of success. You are allowed to want something different for yourself, especially if that means walking away from where you are not meant to stay.

So…I walked away from a 6-figure career as an attorney searching for more. My work with clients helps them achieve more, too. More fulfillment, more clarity, and more career success.

Before I started my career, I spent 9 years in school (yes, straight through) getting as much book-learning and student debt as I could. Since graduating, I have worked as an attorney, higher education administrator, and professional recruiter. Sometimes, I wish I was a DJ, but I think that window has closed for me.