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How To Turn Your “Good Job” Into a Fulfilling Career

Are you tired of going to work every day and feeling like you are just going through the motions?

Sure, you have a “good job,” but you want more for your career. And for your life.

You want to feel whole when you show up at work. Like you don’t have box up parts of who you are in exchange for the “work self” you’ve been taught to wear like a well-fitting blazer.

Join my free training on career fulfillment and I’ll teach you my unique framework for showing up more whole in the career you want for yourself.

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With this framework, you’ll learn that your fulfillment at work starts way before you begin your daily commute.

In this free masterclass, you will learn:

  • My approach to career development – the same approach I used to walk away from my “good” job and start a career path that reflected my gifts and goals.
  • How to get clear about where you are in your career and figure out where you want to go
  • The value of knowing the way your past challenges connect to your present strengths
  • The importance of bringing your values and faith to work

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Tiffany’s direct and encouraging coaching style has been an integral part of my overall development. She helped me discover where my personal passions and interest can intersect with professional pursuits. We were then able to articulate a career vision, identify opportunities aligned with that vision, and develop strategies to pursue and secure employment and education opportunities to support my career advancement.

Nwanyinma N.

About me:

I am a lawyer by training and change agent at heart. I help high-achieving women own their stories and strengths so they can lead whole, faith-filled lives and work in careers they love.

I started my career journey playing by 2 rules – (1) go to school and (2)  get a good job. But when my personal struggles and unsolved trauma caught up with me, I realized I was pursuing career success for the sake of personal validation.

I had to get clear about what I wanted…and what God had for me. I wanted to be whole and show up in my career in a way that allowed me to use the gifts God gave me.

So…I walked away from a 6-figure career as an attorney searching for more. My work with clients helps them achieve more, too. More fulfillment, more clarity, and more career success.

Before I started my career, I spent 9 years in school (yes, straight through) getting as much book-learning and student debt as I could. Since graduating, I have worked as an attorney, higher education administrator, and professional recruiter. Sometimes, I wish I was a DJ, but I think that window has closed for me.