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How she elevates Mastermind

From the outside looking in, you are doing just fine.

You have a good job, and you’re doing well, but you aren’t fulfilled. And you’re kinda over it.

You know you are called to do more, but life keeps happening, so you keep going with the flow.

But it always feels like there is never enough time in the day to work, grow your career, start your side business, spend time with family, grow your faith, manage your finances, stay on top of your health and fitness, stay properly moisturized and hydrated, AND fulfill your purpose.

It’s…a lot.

Time keeps passing, yet your desire to use your gifts and walk in your purpose keeps getting stronger.

And your calling feels like it’s getting louder in your heart and mind.

It’s time to answer.

If you want strategic support to help you navigate balancing life, work, and your desire to make an impact…
If you want a supportive community that will help you own your story and embrace your strengths…
If you want to stop talking about what you want to do and start making progress
If you want to grow your faith…

Then consider

How She Elevates Mastermind

How She Elevates Mastermind is for women who are ready to own their story, unlock their gifts, and answer the call.

We will walk through nine principles centered on three key areas:

Your Story. Your Faith. Your Impact.

When you invest in this experience, you will receive:

  • Live monthly workshops where we will walk you through each of the nine principles, show you how to take tangible action, and help you get started with the support of a community of like-minded (fly) women.
  • Live group coaching sessions where you will be coached by me.  We will talk about roadblocks, victories, and actionable ways to keep making progress.
  • Monthly Co-working sessions will help you get stuff done. As we move through the mastermind, you will be able to make time for you and what matters to you.
  • Weekly prayer calls and check-ins for faith-based encouragement as you move through the course.
  • Worksheets and templates to help you move your plans to actions.
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You will walk away from How She Elevates with

♦ A clear sense of what you have to offer and how you want to show up
♦ Concrete ways to articulate your strengths and transferable skills in a new direction
♦ A stronger relationship with God and a truer understanding of what you mean to Him
♦ An actionable vision and plan forward – toward the next step in your career and goal. Short-term action and long-term direction.
♦ Resouces, updated career documents, templates, and practical tools
♦ Increased confidence in who you are as a whole woman
♦ An on-going community of accountability partnerships committed to seeing you continue to grow
♦ A coach and mentor who will help support you, challenge you, and bring out the best already within you
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The Nine Principles

How She Elevates: The Course is based on The HSE Nine. These are foundational principles I have used in my own life and career and that have gotten results for my clients.

Rewrite HerStoryYou will learn to see your story and own it. In order to live your best lives, we have to process where you have been and get clear about how it shows up in your present.

Mine the gold. Every experience offers an opportunity to grow. You will learn to examine what you’ve been through and actively apply the lessons to work and life.

Fine-tune your filter. Self-awareness is a key asset to personal and professional success. You will get clear about how your thoughts impact your emotions and actions, and how to go from reacting in moments to impacting circumstance.

Learn to unearn. If you want to walk in the best God has for you, it starts with getting clear about who God is and the true relationship He wants to have with you. Relationship over religion.

Own your identity.  You will learn to counter the negative messages you have heard, and sometimes believe, about who you are, are not, or can’t be, and replace them with scripture-based truths.

Invest your talent. Talent doesn’t grow without investment. You will identify your gifts and talents, determine where you may be hiding or underestimating yourself, and determine your ideal path to see

(Re)Focus your vision.  It’s time to take the limits off and give yourself permission be bold in your vision for your life. You will complete a vision-building framework that stretches you and outlines what you want in key areas of your life.

Map your moves. Goals and ambition mean nothing without a plan. You will develop a concrete plan and approach to your career and personal development. Updated resumes, polished profiles, steps, to move your side hustle forward, updated job descriptions, self-care practice – whatever you are ready to take action on, you will have a plan in place.

Work your faith. Faith is more than a feeling. Faith is both substance and evidence. It is assured and confident. You’ll begin to take hope-inspired action on your vision.

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5 Ways To Intentionally Grow Your Career

Learn how to get better opportunities at work!

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Tiffany’s direct and encouraging coaching style has been an integral part of my overall development. She helped me discover where my personal passions and interest can intersect with professional pursuits. We were then able to articulate a career vision, identify opportunities aligned with that vision, and develop strategies to pursue and secure employment and education opportunities to support my career advancement.

Nwanyinma N.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. Who is this Mastermind for?  How She Elevates Mastermind is for high-achieving women who are ready to stop surviving and want to own. Each of the 9 principles focuses on three key areas: your story, your faith, and your impact. During the program, you will get clear about where you have been, personally and professionally; grow confidence rooted in faith; and develop a strategic and actionable plan toward fulfilling your purpose.
  2. Who is this Mastermind not for? The Mastermind is not you if: you are not ready to see change happen in your life; you don’t like to be held accountable or support others as they pursue their goals; you are not ready to invest in yourself and your future.
  3. What if I am between jobs or want to make a career transition? The Mastermind will help you hone in on the skills you have gained from your life and career, and help you develop the language to translate and transfer those skills during your job search.
  4. When does the program start? The Mastermind starts in June! Each workshop will be recorded and available for you to view, but we hope you can join us live each time!
  5. When will the live workshops be held? Live workshops will take place on Tuesday and Sunday evenings.
  6. Are there payment plans available? Yes! You can pay in full or in monthly recurring payments.
  7. What is your cancellation policy? If you have not seen any growth, change, or progress towards your goal after your first 3 months in the Mastermind, you are more than welcome to request to leave the group.

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5 Ways To Intentionally Grow Your Career

Learn how to get better opportunities at work!

your email is safe with us, promise!

I hired Tiffany as my coach to help me navigate through a career shift. She taught me how to appreciate my victories, celebrate my strengths, and get clear about my goals as I prepared to further my education. I truly valued her views and analysis of problems I was dealing with. She is a natural, and her advice/guidance has led me towards reaching my own personal goals.

Teresha M.

About me:

I am a lawyer by training and change agent at heart. I help high-achieving women own their stories and strengths so they can lead whole, faith-filled lives and work in careers they love.

I started my career journey playing by 2 rules – (1) go to school and (2) get a good job. But when my personal struggles and unresolved trauma caught up with me, I realized I was pursuing career success for the sake of personal validation.

I had to get clear about what I wanted…and what God had for me. I wanted to be whole and show up in my career in a way that allowed me to use the gifts God gave me. I had to realize that not wanting to stay where I was unhappy didn’t make me afraid of hard work, ungrateful for the opportunity, or afraid of success. You are allowed to want something different for yourself, especially if that means walking away from where you are not meant to stay.

So…I walked away from a 6-figure career as an attorney searching for more. My work with clients helps them achieve more, too. More fulfillment, more clarity, and more career success.

Before I started my career, I spent 9 years in school (yes, straight through) getting as much book-learning and student debt as I could. Since graduating, I have worked as an attorney, higher education administrator, and professional recruiter. Sometimes, I wish I was a DJ, but I think that window has closed for me.